How Women Can Better Sustain Healthy Habits With Ellie Kempton

Are you having problems sticking to your wellness habits? Are you feeling guilty that you can’t follow your wellness routine even if you know that it’s good for you?

I’m joined by Ellie Kempton today and we talk about how to sustain your wellness habits, what to do when you are not motivated to do your wellness habits, starting small with your goals, and many more!

Ellie Kempton is the founder of Simply Nourished - a community of women dedicated to unlocking their deep magic, and a Functional Medicine Registered Dietitian. She has spent a decade designing, tweaking, and refining her knowledge, strategies, and protocols to help others interpret their bodies, track down their toxic offenders, and come alive.

We talk about: 

01:30 - My hemorragic cyst on my ovaries

13:00 - The new cycle syncing guide I created

21:50 - How Ellie started her health journey

27:00 - Ellie’s private practice and online membership

34:00 - How to sustain your new wellness habits

30:00 - How to celebrate sticking to your wellness habits

32:30 - Recognizing instances when you are not willing to do your wellness habits and what to do about it

38:30 - Starting small with your goals

43:00 - Health habits that women are having problems maintaining

45:00 - Teaching the body that a habit is safe through repetition

46:30 - Sustaining habits: Men Vs Women

49:00 - How to know if you are not getting enough protein

51:00 - Women need more protein

55:00 - Healthy habits to sustain for hormone fluctuations


Let’s Connect:


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