93. Your Lighting in Your House Is Wrong with Talia Ram from Lumiram

We talk about one of the most ignored elements in our life - lighting. Whether it's sunlight, the lights in your house, or at work, lights are everywhere around us, and we often don’t realize how much they can impact our health. 


Talia Ram from Lumiram joins me to discuss why lighting is essential for our health and how to use it.


Chromalux is a unique light bulb from Lumiram intended for year-round, restriction-free usage.


That's to say, Chromalux bulbs are beautiful and healthy upgrades for all your ordinary household light bulbs.


We talk about: 

  • 00:30 - Follow me on Tiktok account - @biohacking 

  • 08:00 - Ovarian PRP

  • 12:30 - How Lumiram got started with mimicking natural light

  • 14:20 - The pure light from Scandinavia

  • 18:30 - Our eyes are sensitive to yellow light

  • 20:30 - The light spectrum and the three critical components to us

  • 22:10 - Different lights for different activities

  • 29:00 - Why we dim the lights at night time

  • 37:30 - The effect of light on our mood

  • 41:00 - Light therapy, especially during the winter

  • 45:00 - Using full-spectrum light bulbs for SAD




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