104. Truly Healthy Living in the 21st Century with Dr. Russell Jaffe

The 21st century has given us many comforts and toxins that are now affecting our health. Today’s podcast with Dr. Russell Jaffe talks about holistic care, raw milk, our dietary choices, and much more.

Dr. Jaffe is the author of Thriving In The 21st Century: Your Guide To Adding Years To Life And Life To Years. 

In the book, Dr. Jaffe explains what biomarkers to measure, what the measurements mean functionally, and what actions to take to achieve thriving health.


We talk about: 

05:00 - Having your blood sugar tested

09:00 - My new free guide on raw milk!!

10:40 - Combining Eastern and Western principles and values

13:00 - From a skeptic to an advocate

16:00 - Transitioning from sick care to healthful care and looking for progressive MDs

17:50 - The main inspiration behind Dr. Russell Jaffe’s book

21:30 - Good physicians for comprehensive care in Canada

23:00 - Raw milk and its legalities

26:30 - Hypertrophy and hyperplasia

32:20 - The consequences of our dietary choices

33:00 - Planting your own food and the water you should be drinking

37:00 - Spring water delivery in Canada and the VItamin C cleanse

43:00 - Functional age vs. biological age vs. chronological age

46:00 - HBA1C and glucose monitoring

41:00 - Fructosamine and an alternative to fasting

42:50 - For women who have fertility issues

45:00 - Bringing your Vitamin D up

46:30 - Losing weight effectively, what to do after the pandemic, and eating without immune burden



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