Day 4: Microdosing with THCV, NMN for Longevity and More with Valhalla Vitality


Welcome to day 4 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I will be interviewing a different health and wellness brand, hosting a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and sharing valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world.


I am joined by Philip D'Agostino, the founder of Valhalla Vitality. We talk about supporting mitochondrial health, Vitamin B12, THCV, how they can support your longevity, and much more.


Philip’s top priority is making wellness care ubiquitous in America, and he is striving to provide easy access to tools that help people improve their lives. 


Valhalla Vitality strives to create and provide easy access to the tools you need to achieve peak wellness.  These tools come in the form of education, dietary supplements, topicals and devices that give you power and control over your health and happiness.


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We talk about: 

02:30 - How and Why Philip started Valhalla Vitality

04:00 - Recommended Valhalla Vitality products for beginners

06:10 - Supporting mitochondrial health

10:00 - Vitamin B12 and the symptoms if you are deficient

11:00 - Symptoms of high homocysteine

12:00 - THCV and its benefits for ADD

13:30 - Microdosing with psilocybin vs. with THCV

20:00 - How Philip stumbled upon THCV



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Let’s Connect:





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