Day 1: Why You Need to Be Taking Magnesium With Bioptimizers


Welcome to day 1 of 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts! Each day I will be interviewing a different health and wellness brand, hosting a giveaway for their products on my Instagram account, and sharing valuable information with you on how they’re shaping the biohacking world. 


Day 1 is all about magnesium! I chat with Wade Lightheart from BiOptimizers about their full-spectrum magnesium supplement, Magnesium Breakthrough. We talk about why everyone should be taking a magnesium supplement, the benefits, and more.


BiOptimizers has helped over 162,000 clients in 90 countries optimize their health and digestion since 2004.


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We talk about: 

02:50 - Why BiOptimizers came up with a magnesium product

06:00 - The people who usually use magnesium supplements

07:00 - Using magnesium by increasing your dosage to know your optimal dose

09:00 - Noticing the benefits of magnesium supplementation

14:00 - How you can be more aware of what your body is feeling

18:00 - What to do when your data and intuition don’t match up

20:00 - Magnesium supplements for kids

22:00 - Epsom salt baths

24:00 - Magnesium supplement dosage



Let’s Connect:




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