74. What You Should Know About Magnesium With Wade Lightheart


I chatted with Wade Lightheart about all things magnesium! We talk about how magnesium improves your health, when you should take it, and why Wade sought out to create his own magnesium supplement.


Wade Lightheart is Co-Founder and President of BiOptimizers, a nutritional supplement company with one mission to help humans shift from a sick, unhealthy condition into a peak biologically optimized state.


We talk about:

  • 01:00 - Nose-to-tail eating
  • 03:00 - Drinking bone broth every day
  • 04:30 - I ordered my new Oura Ring!
  • 15:00 - Why Wade’s company decided to come up with a magnesium supplement
  • 27:50 - How you know you need a magnesium supplement
  • 35:30 - Taking magnesium regularly
  • 44:00 - Making strategic changes in your life so you can improve your health
  • 55:00 - Overcoming deficiencies that our ancestors didn’t face 




Let’s Connect:



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