Optimizing Your Exercise Routine: HIIT, Endurance, Kettlebells, Natural Movement, Gymnastics, Whole Body Vibration, Rebounding, NMES and More

This episode dives deep into exercise guaranteed to turbocharge your health and fitness - from the rejuvenating power of cold water exposure and sauna benefits, to the futuristic vibes of electrical muscle stimulation and whole-body vibration. 

I also touched on the mental health miracles triggered by regular physical activity and discussed the benefits of different exercises for your wellness.

It's all about mixing up intensities and listening to your body for a happier, healthier you.

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We talk about: 

05:00 - My Baby Steps course update!

11:00 - Health benefits of regular exercise

16:30 - BDNF: how it related to exercise

24:00 - Endurance exercises

32:00 - Strength training and its health benefits

39:00 - HIIT: what is the optimal amount?

43:00 - Gymnastics and Kettlebell training

49:00 - Natural movement

51:00 - Body weight training, mobility training and breathing methods: Andrew Huberman’s stretching episode

57:30 - Plyometric training

59:30 - Cold therapy and NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation)

1:03:00 - Whole body vibration and rebounding

1:06:00 - Sauna and heat exposure: Infrared sauna blanket (code: BRITTANY15)

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • How does cold water exposure work as an exercise method?
  • What health benefits does whole-body vibration offer?
  • What makes rebounding a suitable office exercise?
  • Why is sauna and heat exposure my favorite biohacking method?
  • How much exercise does the World Health Organization recommend?
  • What are the brain health benefits linked to regular physical activity?
  • In what ways can gymnastics be incorporated into daily workouts?
  • What are the benefits of kettlebell training?
  • What are the different types of exercises encompassed within bodyweight training?
  • Why is mobility training crucial for posture and injury prevention?
  • How can breathing techniques improve respiratory health?
  • How can you prevent injuries during strength training?


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