Decoding Gene Therapy: Redefining Health, Longevity and Regenerative Medicine

Welcome to a riveting episode where we venture into the future of medicine with Elizabeth Parrish, the CEO of BioViva, a vanguard in the gene therapy revolution. 

Today, we'll unveil the mysteries of gene therapy, explore its profound implications for enhancing health and longevity, and hear firsthand from Elizabeth about her own gene therapy journey. 

With BioViva's innovative approach, we're peering into a world where reversing the clock on cellular aging isn't just a possibility—it's the beginning of a new era in combating age-related diseases. 

We talk about: 

07:10 - Transitioning to gene therapy and starting BioViva

12:30 - The impact of increasing health span on the planet and using restorative medicine

19:00 - When is someone sick and when is someone in good health

28:00 - Elizabeth’s personal experience with gene therapy and her results

38:00 - The lack of movement in the field of gene therapy

42:00 - Accessing gene therapies through medical tourism

47:00 - Medical tourism: available countries and costs

53:00 - Candidates for longevity: epigenetics and cell regulators

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • What are the goals of genetic medicine?
  • How does biological aging impact disease risk?
  • How can gene therapies be used as immunizations against aging?
  • What are some proactive measures for maintaining health and longevity?
  • What is gene therapy and how does it work?
  • What is the potential impact of gene therapy on society?
  • How can gene therapies be accessed and what is their cost?
  • What are the limitations and challenges of current gene therapies?
  • What are the current regulatory challenges in gene therapy?
  • How does medical tourism play a role in accessing gene therapy treatments?


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