Rest Assured: Unlocking the Secrets to Healthy Sleep With Matt Gallant From BiOptimizers

Do you feel that you are not getting enough sleep? Or do you still feel tired after waking up from sleep?

I have Matt Gallant with me today to talk about his sleep journey, improving the quality of your sleep, sleep hacks, and other things that can help you sleep better and feel energized when you wake up.

Matt Gallant is the CEO and Co-Founder of BiOptimizers and has a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. He’s been a strength and conditioning coach for multiple pro athletes, a self-defense instructor, and has over 15 years of experience formulating supplements. He's also a serial entrepreneur that's built over 13 profitable companies.

We talk about: 

00:30 - Shifting to two episodes per week this April

02:30 - My Biohack Your Cycle Guide

11:20 - Matt’s personal sleep journey

13:00 - Your mattress choice and the way you sleep

16:00 - Sleeping on your back vs. sleeping on your side

18:00 - Other sleep hacks from Matt

24:30 - The climate and your circadian rhythm

28:00 - Using white noise machines and earplugs

30:00 - Improving your kid’s sleep quality

33:00 - Optimizing your sleep when your sleep is being disrupted

36:00 - Bioptimizer’s new sleep supplement and melatonin precursors

39:00 - Potassium for sleep

46:00 - Too high potassium levels

50:30 - Heat therapy and its benefits

52:30 - Why Matt moved to Panama from Canada


Let’s Connect:


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