113. Q&A: Aloe Vera Juice, Oil Pulling, Microdosing Protocols, Tongue Scraping and More!


This week I’m bringing you another question and answer episode, where I cover a wide variety of topics! 


We talk about: 

01:00 - Keeping up my biohacking routine while traveling

03:00 - The current electrolytes I take

09:00 - Aloe vera juice, why I take it, and where you can buy it

11:00 - Scraping the jelly off an aloe vera plant

12:00 - How much aloe vera juice I take each morning

13:00 - Aloe vera juice benefits

15:00 - Oil pulling and if you should be doing it 

17:00 - Tongue scraping and why I dot it

22:00 - Artichokes and the water after boiling them

25:30 - Cold plunging and when to do it in your cycle

36:00 - Microdosing protocols for mushrooms and plant medicine



Let’s Connect:


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