102. How Your Human Design Impacts Your Health with Hope Pedraza

Hope Pedraza is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and host of Hopeful and Wholesome Podcast.

Hope helps career-driven women to heal their gut, balance their minds, and feel good in their bodies again. Hope also is a mom, serial entrepreneur, and founder of a Pilates-based franchise - inBalance studio. 

We dive into Human Design this week and how your type can really impact what nutrition and wellness practices suit you best. 


We talk about: 

07:20 - Hope’s health journey

12:10 - How Hope got started with Human Design

14:35 - How Human Design connects to wellness

16:25 - The five types of Human Design - Generators

17:50 - Manifestors

20:40 - Manifesting Generators

21:50 - Projectors

23:30 - Reflectors

28:40 - How to figure out your Human Design type

34:00 - Specific Human Design types that go well together

43:00 - The most important chakra to focus on if you are female

44:30 - Signs that you are out of alignment

47:10 - What chakra should men focus on more



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