100. How Using Silver Can Support Your Health With Silverbiotics


Welcome to our 100th episode! Today we dive into the world of silver for biohacking. 


By combining the healing properties of nature and the power of science, SilverBiotics® develops products in an affordable way so that everyone has the ability to live life to its fullest.


We have Kelli Gray and Steve Ravely from the SilverBiotics team to talk about silver and how it benefits your body, what to look out for, and why silver is so controversial.


We talk about: 

06:00 - Red tape on health products

14:00 - How SilverBiotics started

16:00 - Why silver is supportive and not gold

17:30 - Benefits of silver for your body

20:00 - Effects of using silver products for a period of time

21:00 - Benefits of silver for pets

23:00 - Taking silver and its effect on different pathogens in the body

24:00 - Silver and mineral imbalances in the body

25:30 - Skin color changes and silver

28:00 - Why silver is controversial

38:00 - Silver-based cleaners



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