Woke AF: The Beauty of the “Woo-Woo”, Grounding with Headstands, Spirituality, Esoterism, The Great Awakening We’re All Experiencing and Our Connection To Earth, Chris Storey

Chris Storey is the founder of Primal Alchemy, an organic supplement and biohacking equipment company that specializes in maximizing physical, mental and spiritual capabilities. Chris has been a personal trainer, initiated freemason, renegade philosopher and elite athlete nutritionist. He’s dedicated his life to integrating ancient ancestral wisdom with the latest human performance sciences. He now teaches the secret esoteric and occult mysteries of the human body with modern day biohacking techniques through his brand and podcast, The Red Pill Initiation Hour.

We dive deep into spiritual biohacking discussing the benefits of grounding and how to optimize it with headstands. We talk about our current world state, explaining what the precessional cycle of the planet is, what it means for us and where we are heading as a society.


We also talk about:

  • The difference between esoteric and exoteric
  • Natural biohacks
  • Our lack of connection to self
  • Letting go of others opinions
  • Starting with small mindfulness habits




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