The Fasting Revolution of Prolon for Weight Loss and Wellness Enhancement

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I’m joined by Dr. Rafael Gonzalez, esteemed scientific adviser at ProLon. Our conversation delves into the myriad advantages of fasting and elucidates how ProLon can be your indispensable companion in facilitating this transformative practice.

ProLon is a shining example of scientific thoroughness, backed by extensive testing.

It's well-known for playing a crucial role in helping people on their weight loss journey.

We talk about: 

11:30 - What Prolon is

12:40 - Benefits of 5-Day Fasting

14:30 - Day 1 - Ketosis

15:30 - Day 2 - Autophagy

16:30 - Day 4 - Rejuvenation

18:40 - How to answer people who are skeptical about the benefits of ProLon

19:10 - Insulin Growth Factor 1

21:10 - The best time for women to use ProLon 

24:50 - Amount of hydration that’s best when taking ProLon

28:30 - Who can use ProLon

29:50 - How much weight do you actually lose when using ProLon

31:10 - Benefits of ProLon when used for 3 months

35:00 - Available flavors for Prolon protein bars

36:30 - What’s happening inside the body when you’re fasting and you consume the protein bars

39:40 - Possible side effects of the 5-Day ProLon fasting


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