The Power of Light Therapy for Gut Health, Reproductive Well-being, Anti-Aging, and Pain Relief with Kineon

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Today, I'm joined by Forrest Smith, the CEO of Kineon, for an illuminating discussion about the groundbreaking Move+ Pro.

Discover how this remarkable red light therapy device sets itself apart, learn about its unique benefits, including using red light therapy for ovarian health, and much more. 

Kineon, a pioneer in technology, is dedicated to bringing clinical-level treatments right to your home through innovative light therapy devices.

We talk about: 

08:00 - What the Move+ Pro is

09:30 - How Move+ Pro is different from other red light therapy devices

12:30 - The kind of lasers Kineon uses for Move+ Pro

15:00 - How to get the optimal and consistent dosage when you are using Move+ Pro

17:00 - Who should use Move+ Pro

23:00 - How red light therapy helps the mitochondria in the ovaries

24:00 - How long to use Move+Pro for women’s reproductive health issues

27:00 - Light therapy for the gut biome and for aging

30:00 - Kineon’s crowdfunding campaign


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