Third Trimester Biohacks: Optimizing Sleep with Nutrition, Easing Back Pain, Tailoring Exercise, and Preparing for a Home Water Birth

I'm in my third trimester and so excited to share my experiences, tips, and biohacks! 

I talk about managing food cravings, balancing nutrients, and my protein smoothie recipe for better sleep. 

Finally, I also delve into easing back pain, adapting exercise routines, and preparing for a home water birth.

We talk about: 

07:30 - Balancing nutrition during my third trimester

15:00 - Drinking protein-packed nighttime smoothies to help me sleep: Larabar protein bars

22:00 - Magnesium (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY) and U shaped pillows for better sleep

30:00 - How I treated my back pain: Massage, acupuncture, osteopathy

37:00 - The benefits of pelvic floor physiotherapy and using the pelvic floor wand

41:30 - Exercises I do during my third trimester after my back pain is gone: Weight lifting, no cardio

45:00 - Planning to encapsulate my placenta

Questions answered in this episode: 

  • How has my diet changed during my third trimester?
  • Why should you see an Osteopath instead of a Chiropractor for back pain during pregnancy?
  • What snacks can you eat for late-night cravings during the third trimester?
  • How does Brittany manage sleep difficulties during her third trimester?
  • What exercise adjustments did Brittany make during her third trimester?
  • What therapies has Brittany found effective for alleviating lower back pain during pregnancy?
  • How do you balance cravings and intuition with nutritional needs during pregnancy?


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