Why Modern Living is Destroying Your Mental Health: The Radical Healing Power of Nature

Ever felt instant calm entering a park from a bustling city? Find out why Meredith Walters believes nature is the ultimate sanctuary for our overstimulated minds. 

Meredith Walters is an acclaimed author and certified nature-therapy coach, known for her novel "This Animal Body," which chronicles her personal journey with depression.

Tune in to learn how reconnecting with nature can alleviate depression and anxiety, and why tapping into our body's wisdom is transformative!

We talk about: 

12:00 - How Meredith discovered the power of reconnecting with nature

15:00 - Simple ways of to reconnecting with yourself and nature

25:00 - The benefits of nature for mental health

27:00 - How often you can do nature therapy to help with stress and anxiety

31:00 - Bringing nature into your life in a big city or in extreme winter

35:00 - Using creativity to balance your busy life and spending time in nature

41:00 - Downsides of disconnection from nature on mental health

46:00 - The rise of nature schools and their benefits for children with ADHD and anxiety

48:00 - Understanding body intelligence and it’s importance for your wellbeing

53:00 - What to do if you have no idea how to tap into yourself and relax in nature

59:00 - About Meredith’s novel “This Animal Body

Questions answered in this episode: 

  • How can reconnecting with nature help with depression and anxiety?
  • What are the therapeutic effects of nature walks and building relationships through them?
  • How can we learn to listen to our body's signals?
  • What happens if we ignore our body's signals?
  • How can nature be part of a healthy lifestyle even in urban areas?
  • How can busy individuals with kids find time to connect with nature?
  • How can city dwellers incorporate nature into their daily lives?
  • How can modern urban living impact mental and emotional well-being?
  • What are some practical ways to reconnect with nature during busy schedules?


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