Transform Your Space, Transform Your Life: Crafting Your Home into a Healing Sanctuary with Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science

Mahwish Syed, an award-winning interior designer and cancer survivor, talks about how to create healing sanctuaries in our homes. 

She explains the importance of aligning our living spaces with our biological rhythms and ancient architectural wisdom to boost health and vitality. 

We discuss the benefits of natural lighting, and the risks of modern technology in smart homes, offering practical tips for designing spaces that are beautiful and nourishing for both the soul and body.

We talk about: 

16:50 - How Mahwish’s life changed after her cancer diagnosis

25:00 - Basics on making your home your sanctuary 

30:00 - Quantum biology and how to use it to create a beautiful home environment

34:00 - Using architecture to create a home that is in tune with your biology

42:00 - Steps to make sure that your home environment is toxin free

47:00 - How nature affects your nervous system

54:00 - The health risks of modern conveniences

56:00 - Optimizing lighting for a nursery and in your home

1:02:00 - Listening to your body when designing your environment

Questions answered in this episode:

  • What is the impact of creating a healing sanctuary at your home?
  • How can intuition and grounding into the senses be used to create an authentic home environment?
  • How can quantum biology help optimize health through the home environment?
  • What is the significance of circadian rhythms and natural light in architectural design for well-being?
  • What methods can align home environments with human biology to promote health?
  • What are the concerns about the trend of smart home technology on health?
  • How does indoor air pollution impact your health?


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