Holistic Solutions for Optimal Mental Health in Kids, Teens, and Parents

Join me in an eye-opening conversation with Evan Transue, also known as Detective Ev, a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition expert. 

We dive into exploring biohacking techniques for mental wellness and the critical need for personalized health strategies. 

Our conversation also focused on the unique challenges of children and teen mental health and offers insights on fostering a nurturing, supportive environment for them in the home.

Tune in to discover the transformative potential of proactive health approaches for achieving overall mental well-being.

I talk about: 

10:40 - Exclusive discounts and bonuses for my Baby Steps Course waitlist members

13:25 - How Evan Transue got into studying mental health

22:05 - Functional Diagnostic Nutrition for managing Meniere's Disease: Eating organic and having less sugar

28:10 - Women are more likely to be dismissed by doctors in medical studies

30:00 - Becoming an advocate for yourself and moving from victim to victor

37:00 - Mental health struggles of kids and teenagers

41:25 - Factors contributing to mental health issues in youth

45:20 - Advice for Parents: believing and observing changes

52:10 - Supporting parents with mental health issues

55:35 - Prioritizing mental health and setting boundaries in relationships

Questions answered in this episode:

  • How can parents create a safe space for their children's mental health, especially when faced with skepticism or lack of understanding from family members or societal norms?
  • In what ways can individuals lead by example in prioritizing mental health and advocating for its importance, both in personal and professional environments?
  • What are some effective approaches for addressing mental health challenges within a family, and how can individuals build support systems and awareness in their communities?
  • What are the challenges women face in healthcare, and how can these be addressed?
  • How can personal responsibility and a shift in mentality lead to better health outcomes?
  • What are the signs of anxiety and depression in kids at different age levels?
  • How can parents create a safe space for teenagers to talk about their mental health?
  • What are the factors contributing to the rise in mental health issues among kids, and how can we address them?
  • Why is personalized lab testing and a root cause approach important in identifying and addressing chronic illness?


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