The Connection Between Eastern Medicine, Modern Wellness, and Biohacking for Ultimate Health

Join me in this enlightening episode with Dr. Janelle Kim, a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, and a master in Taoist practices and philosophy. 

Together, we explore the profound impact of ancient wisdom on modern life, delving into how Taoist principles can enhance daily rituals, bring balance, and offer deep insights. 

Dr. Janelle shares her unique perspective on parenting, infusing her approach with balance and living meditation. 

We also delve into the transformative effects of mindfulness, meditation, and movement, and discuss the significant role traditional Eastern medicine plays in today's wellness landscape.

I talk about: 

07:30 - My online women’s health clinic

09:50 - Taoist mortals and Taoism

17:00 - The importance of balance in our bodies

25:05 - The power of Qigong and breath work

28:40 - The challenges of meditation and how to solve them

38:00 - Meditation in the sauna and the benefits of heat and movement

43:00 - Incorporating Eastern medicine in teaching kids

53:00 - Indirect and direct lessons from children

58:00 - Ancient medicine shaping mainstream health

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • What is the importance of balance in our bodies according to Eastern philosophy?
  • How can someone recognize if they are unbalanced and what steps can they take to restore balance?
  • What is the significance of Qigong and breathwork in maintaining balance and health?
  • What challenges do people face with meditation, and why is it considered difficult?
  • Why is movement considered important before meditation?
  • What are some meditation techniques that can be utilized anywhere?
  • How does being in a sauna facilitate easier meditation?
  • What is the importance of heat in Eastern medicine, especially in practices like Qigong?


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