Beyond the Tooth: Understanding the Role of Oral Health and Root Canals in Overall Well-being

Today, I have Dr. Sonia Chopra, a passionate Endodontist and online entrepreneur with a mission to revolutionize root canals and decrease global healthcare costs.

We talk about the importance of oral health, the misconceptions surrounding root canals, and the need for better education in dentistry to provide high-quality care.

Get ready for an eye-opening discussion on microorganisms, root canals, and more. 

We talk about: 

10:15 - Dr. Sonia’s story on why she became an endodontist

15:30 - The role of diet in dental health

20:00 - What is a root canal and why it is needed

22:15 - The neglected importance of flossing and its benefits for dental health

25:00 - The value and functions of teeth beyond aesthetics

31:00 - Understanding your mouth to know what to do for your oral hygiene

35:00 - The benefits of flossing

41:00 - The use of fluoride and how to know if you need it

48:00 - Dr. Sonia’s journey as an entrepreneur

55:30 - How to do well in the world of healthcare

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • Why is good dental hygiene important?
  • How does diet impact dental health?
  • What role does the oral microbiome play in dental health?
  • What are the benefits of brushing and flossing?
  • What are some misconceptions about root canals?
  • How frequently should dental visits be made?
  • What can be done to improve root canals and access to care?


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