Empowering Women Against EMF with Juunaday's Cutting-Edge and Stylish Activewear

Join me as I chat with my friend Marjorie Tong about her innovative company, Juunaday. We'll explore the impact of electromagnetic fields (EMF) on our health and how Juunaday's activewear is designed to protect women from these potential risks.

Marjorie's deep EMF expertise, combined with her background in fine arts and design, has led to creative solutions that mitigate EMF exposure.

Don't miss this insightful conversation on staying safe in our wireless world.

We talk about: 

09:30 - Why Marjorie started Juunaday

16:30 - Optimizing your health via reducing EMF during pregnancy or when trying to conceive

21:00 - The EMF tester you can use at home

24:00 - Moving to the countryside so you are less exposed to EMFs

32:00 - Why optimizing your health is important

36:00 - The bucket theory

37:30 - Symptoms of EMF sensitivity

42:30 - How Juunaday works in shielding the body from EMF

45:00 - Ambient exposures to EMF and how to protect your body from it

54:00 - Future products for Juunaday

01:03:00 - Setting up your house to reduce EMF exposure

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • What causes EMF ambient exposure?
  • What changes did Marjorie make to their lifestyle and environment to reduce their exposure to EMFs?
  • What symptoms did Marjorie experience that they attribute to EMF exposure?
  • How does Marjorie take precautions to protect her family from EMF exposure, especially when it comes to device usage?
  • What symptoms did Marjorie experience because of EMF exposure?
  • Why is it important to reduce your exposure to toxins and EMF when during preconception and when you are pregnant?
  • What is the bucket theory?
  • How does Juunaday clothing block ambient EMFs?


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