Decoding Women’s Sleep Patterns and Metrics With Morgan Adams

Today, I have a friend and a special guest on the podcast, Morgan Adams. 

We talk about sleep, why you need to get more of it, how to get quality sleep, how to manage lack of sleep, and common problems women encounter with sleep.

Morgan Adams is a sleep expert. She is known as the “sleep soulmate”, and is a double certified holistic sleep coach.

She is on a mission to help women reclaim their rest and achieve better sleep.

We talk about: 

14:20 - How Morgan got into the realm of sleep health and her awful bout with insomnia

18:20 - Sleep problems for men and women

20:00 - Why women are light sleepers

22:20 - The usual benefits Morgan’s clients get when they work with her

24:00 - Managing lack of sleep as a new mom

32:00 - Challenging the mindset that sleep deprivation is a badge of honor

39:00 - Having a morning routine for stress so you can sleep better

42:00 - EMF radiation and your sleep

49:00 - Blue light and its effect on your sleep

52:00 - Getting less deep sleep as you grow older

57:00 - Brittany’s sleep scores

59:00 - Ideal percentage for REM and deep sleep

01:02:00 - Drinking alcohol and its impact on your sleep

01:05:00 - Tracking your sleep

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • Why is it important to get quality sleep?
  • How do you know if you get enough sleep?
  • What are the common sleep problems women encounter?
  • Why are women usually light sleepers?
  • How does blue light affect your sleep?
  • How does a morning routine help you sleep better at night?
  • What is the ideal percentage for REM and deep sleep?


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  • Morgan’s website 
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