Preconception Detox: Reducing Toxins for Optimal Health With Dr. Mary Shackleton

Dr. Mary Shackleton, a naturopathic doctor specializing in women's health and environmental medicine, joins me. We dive into the topic of toxic exposure and its impact on our health, discussing how factors like breathing air, drinking water, and eating food can contribute to toxicity, and why you need to start detoxification long before you plan on getting pregnant.


Dr. Mary Shackelton, MPH, ND is an experienced naturopathic doctor specializing in women's health, focusing on environmental medicine and the impacts of toxic exposures on conditions such as auto-immunity, infertility, and cognitive decline. 


She is also the author of "The Preconception Cleanse," aiming to educate women on detoxification principles for optimal health, and has been involved in various initiatives, including co-founding Insulite Laboratories and PridePads Africa, dedicated to empowering girls in Cameroon through providing sanitary pads for their education.

I talk about: 

06:30 - Why Dr. Mary focused on preconception health

09:00 - Environmental medicine

11:30 - How to know if your toxin burden is too much

13:30 - Most critical things to remember when you want to detox

17:00 - Lymphatic massage

22:30 - Thinking of your egg quality before you get pregnant

25:00 - Optimizing sperm health 

30:00 - Most common pushbacks Mary receives from her patients who she advises to go to a preconception detox

35:00 - EMFs and brain function

42:00 - The increase in infertility cases

45:00 - Pride pads in Africa and why Mary has this project

Questions answered in this podcast:

  1. What are some common symptoms of heavy metal toxicity or exposure to environmental pollutants?
  2. How can individuals do a self-assessment to determine their toxic burden?
  3. What are some potential effects of fragrance in beauty products on women's health?
  4. How can individuals reduce their exposure to harmful ingredients in beauty products?
  5. What are some dietary recommendations to support reproductive health and detoxification?
  6. What is environmental medicine, and why is it gaining recognition?
  7. Why is detoxification important for preconception and reproductive health?


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