139. Every Supplement I Take Daily and Why: Detoxing, Skin Health, Hormone Balancing, Stress Support and More

Choosing the right supplements for you can be confusing and time consuming. 

In this podcast, I talk about all the supplements I use on a daily basis, what I look for in a supplement, what are red flags that you should look out for, how much I take, and so much more!

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I talk about: 

05:00 - The different supplements I take in my water throughout the day

09:00 - DNA testing and finding out that I require more protein than average

09:55 - Myo-Inositol powder supplement for my ovaries

12:20 - What I take with my food - Timeline Nutirion’s Mitopure powder

17:15 - Vitamin D3, K and A for those who don’t get much sun exposure

21:00 - Vitamin B12 and getting your DNA tested for this

23:15 - SpermidineLife for autophagy

27:20 - N-Acetyl-Cysteine and reducing the effects of alcohol in your body

30:00 - Skin, nails and hair supplements that work 

33:10 - Fish oil for healthy, plump and hydrated skin

38:00 - Adaptogens and why I take them every day 

43:30 - Probiotics for supporting gut health

46:00 - SilverBiotics liquid supplement I take for immunity 

48:30 - A biohacker’s supplement cleanse


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