97. Molecular Hydrogen Water: What You Should Know with Alex Tarnava from Drink HRW

Alex Tarnava, the founder of Drink HRW, joins me to explain his focus on therapeutic hydrogen water technology. 


Drink HRW’s goal is to ensure that everyone can experience the tremendous benefits of daily use of molecular hydrogen safely and effectively.


We talk about hydrogen water, what it is, its benefits, and how hydrogen water can help in optimizing your health and hormones.


We talk about: 

00:40 - Biohacks I did this morning

05:30 - Microdosing

09:50 - Learning so much from the biohacking world

15:50 - How and why Alex got started with developing hydrogen water

21:50 - Doing the right thing with clinical trials and open research

24:00 - What hydrogen water is and how it is useful

27:10 - Benefits of hydrogen in our bodies

32:00 - Hydrogen’s effect on gut health and hormones

38:50 - Hydrogen compared to other antioxidants

42:00 - Overloading on antioxidants

44:00 - History of hydrogen therapy

47:30 - How to start with trying molecular hydrogen




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