92. You’re Exposed to More Toxins Than You Know With Jenna Hua From Million Marker


Do you think about phthalates and BPAs when you do grocery shopping? Maybe you should. Today, we talk about chemicals and toxin exposure through our choices every day with Jenna Hua, the founder of Million Marker.


Jenna’s extensive experience as an academic and health advocate led to her founding Million Marker in 2019, shortly after completing a Postdoctoral Fellowship with Stanford University’s School of Medicine.


Throughout her career in academia, Jenna has researched and published numerous studies that primarily focused on citizen science, general health, and the impact of food consumption on a person’s well-being.


We talk about: 

00:30 - I am officially one week without caffeine

03:00 - The benefits of not drinking alcohol

06:00 - The healthy habits I need to have to achieve my goals

14:30 - Jenna’s journey as an entrepreneur

16:20 - You can’t change your genes, but you can change your environment

17:30 - Chemicals that Jenna tested high in and how you can lower exposure

20:30 - Why you should look for a vegetarian-based capsule for supplements

22:50 - BPA exposures

26:00 - Buying products in glass or aluminum bottles

31:00 - Clear glass vs. ceramics

33:00 - Overtoxicity symptoms

35:30 - How to limit your exposure to toxic substances

38:30 - Getting a reverse osmosis water filter

43:30 - The best time to get a Million Marker test



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