Empowering Female Professionals: Mastering Health, Work-Life Harmony, and Biohacking with Dr. Laura DeCesaris

I’m joined by Dr. Laura DeCesaris, a functional medicine-trained health strategist, who specializes in empowering female entrepreneurs and motivated professionals. 

Together, we delve into the intricacies of women's health, dissecting how to achieve peak performance without sacrificing work-life harmony. We also expose common myths, explore syncing with your hormonal cycle, and dive into the transformative world of biohacking. 

Plus, we tackle the unique challenges women face in the workplace and the power of a supportive community!

We talk about: 

10:00 - Checkout my new Amazon storefront

16:30 - Choosing the right school and training for functional medicine

22:00 - Practical experience and learning from other practitioners

27:00 - Listening to our bodies for work-life balance

38:50 - Practical ways to bring balance in your workday

42:50 - Fixing burnout: asking deep questions and setting boundaries

51:30 - Virtual communities for connection and support

58:30 - Debunking myths and roadblocks in women's health and performance

01:06:08 - Embracing the natural flow of women's bodies

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • What are some myths and misconceptions around women's health and high performance?
  • What principles should women embrace in their approach to biohacking and optimal health?
  • How do you address burnout and optimize your biochemistry?
  • What resources and communities exist for women looking to optimize their health?
  • Why is it important to reframe routines and create flexibility based on different phases of the menstrual cycle?
  • What mindset practices and self-regulation techniques are important for women's health and high performance?
  • What is the role of functional medicine in women's health?
  • What societal taboos and stigma exist around women's health?


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