114. Generational Trauma, Body Image, Holistic Weight Loss and Balancing Hormones with Hannah Mullen, Certified Nutritionist and Women’s Health Specialist


Hannah Mullen, a Certified Nutritionist and Women’s Health Specialist, joins me as we discuss dieting, generational trauma, eating disorders, hormone health, and nutrition for weight loss. 


We talk about restrictive dieting and how it affects you and your health, trauma in health and dieting, CGMs, and much more. 


We talk about: 

03:00 - Doing the 75 Hard challenge

13:00 - Getting on an elimination diet

19:30 - Hannah Mullen’s struggle with dieting growing up 

23:00 - Looking at health on a cellular level and having a health first mindset

25:50 - Generational trauma and our health and dieting

30:30 - How Hannah helps her clients unravel the root cause of their health issues

31:30 - Biggest factors that are throwing your hormones off

35:00 - Getting a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor)

42:00 - The controversy about getting a CGM for non-diabetics

44:00 - Steps you can take to balance your hormones

49:00 - Making sure that you eat enough everyday

54:00 - The stress caused by having restrictive diets

58:00 - Drinking alcohol and making healthier decisions

01:04:00 - Microdosing to help with drinking




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