96. Master Your Mind by Mastering Your Thoughts with Dr. Ryan Wohlfert


Do you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts? How often do you check to see if your thoughts are helpful or not? How do our thoughts affect our life? Today we talk about our inner dialogue with Dr. Ryan Wohlfert.


Dr. Ryan Wohlfert has a simple philosophy for health and life: Be Your Own Guarantee (“BYOG” for short). 


He advocates simple and natural lifestyle solutions to avoid pain and disease, break free from drugs, doctors, disease, and surgery and BYOG for your health and life.


We talk about: 

02:00 - My PRF facial (vampire facial)

05:20 - Biohacking Brittany has hit over 42,000 downloads!

09:30 - How Ryan got started with his brain health journey

13:30 - Observing your thoughts instead of experiencing them

16:00 - The four A’s that retrain your mindset

19:30 - The conscious mind versus the unconscious mind

23:30 - How to increase awareness of your thoughts

33:00 - Count your wins and find the evidence

46:00 - Easy things you can do to start changing your mindset today

50:30 - Using different ways to describe your goals



Find Dr. Ryan Wohlfert on - https://www.drwohlfert.com/


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