91. Brands Are Misusing Adaptogens and What to Look For Instead With Ben Levine From Rasa


Today we have Ben LeVine who is the co-founder and chief herbalist at Rasa which makes adaptogen-rich elixirs, powders, and drinks. We talk about the benefits of adaptogens, what are adaptogens and what are not, and using adaptogens as alternatives for coffee.

Rasa is here to transform the way we energize with delicious, adaptogen-packed herbal coffee alternatives.


We talk about: 

02:30 - My sleep has not been great recently and the sleep supplements I have been taking

14:00 - Who is Ben LeVine

16:10 - The first herb Ben used in a medicinal way

19:00 - The booming use of adaptogens and what they are 

22:00 - Choosing the right adaptogen

27:30 - Plants that are not adaptogens and characteristics of adaptogens

31:00 - Adaptogens and stress

32:30 - How to start with adaptogens for beginners

34:00 - Adaptogens and probiotics

35:30 - Coffee and its side effects

41:00 - Coffee and sleep

45:30 - Is decaf coffee healthy?


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