Daily Cellular Health: Nicotinamide, Spermidine and Other Biomimetic Molecules Explored

I’m joined by Dr. Chris Rhodes from Mimio, where we embark on a fascinating exploration into the intricacies of fasting.

Discover how Mimio Health has ingeniously crafted a supplement that awakens fasting pathways, all without the necessity of adhering to strict dietary constraints.

Our discussion spans a multitude of topics, including the myriad advantages of fasting, how Mimio facilitates the attainment of these fasting benefits, the unique ingredients that comprise Mimio's formula, the sustainability aspect of supplements, and an array of other captivating insights.

I talk about: 

06:10 - Importance of cellular health and its impact on future disease

12:50 - Mimio and the holistic approach to longevity

19:30 - Longevity research and the role of fasting

22:30 - Challenges and considerations surrounding fasting recommendations

29:40 - Fasting-like molecules extend lifespan in model organisms

37:40 - Nicotinamide and spermidine for holistic health benefits

48:20 - Unique formulation and bioavailability of Mimio

52:35 - Timing and usage of Mimio for maximum benefits

56:05 - Consistency and benefits of lifelong Mimio Use

1:07:00 - The need for more research in supplement formulations

 Questions answered in this podcast:

  • How does Mimio Health's approach to supplementation differ from traditional pharmaceutical approaches?
  • What are the potential health benefits of supplementing with molecules like Nicotinamide, Spermidine, PalmitoylEthanolamide, and Oleoylethanolamide?
  • How does starting longevity interventions early in life impact health span and lifespan extension?
  • How does fasting impact overall health and longevity?
  • What effects does fasting have on plasma and metabolic markers?
  • What is spermidine and how does it impact autophagy and longevity?


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