122. Understand Your Bugs: Why Your Microbiome Matters With Viome


This episode is all about measuring mRNA, epigenetics, the connection between your microbiome and health, and so much more. Hillary and Grant from the team at Viome join me to discuss how to optimize our microbiome from the inside out.


Viome aims to demystify health, make science accessible, and honor the biochemical individuality of every human.


We talk about: 

01:30 - 12 Days of Biohacking Gifts

08:50 - Viome and measuring mRNA vs. DNA

10:30 - The process of measuring mRNA and the activity of the microbiome and how it influences your health

13:30 - Probiotics and your microbiome

15:00 - Your microbiome and their effect on the foods you eat

22:00 - Gut health issues, leaky gut, and your microbiome

28:00 - Viome’s goal in cancer detection and disease prevention

32:30 - Common symptoms that your oral microbiome is disrupted

34:30 - Oral care, skincare, and how they are affected by your microbiome

42:00 - Antibiotics and gut health issues

45:00 - Wellness and biohacking trends in the future - postbiotics

47:00 - Men’s vs women’s results, and differences in their biological ages



Let’s Connect:


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