115. The Shroom Boom: How Microdosing Is Improving Lives with Adam Pike and Microcybin


Adam Pike was a Big Brother contestant and is a personal trainer and content creator.


We talk a lot about microdosing and how it helped him achieve his goals, why you should try microdosing too, the stigma on microdosing, and so much more!


We both use Microcybin - our go-to microdosing brand available online. You can use my discount BIOHACKINGBRITTANY15 at checkout!


We talk about: 

00:25 - My 75 Hard Challenge update and the benefits so far

11:40 - Adam’s health and fitness journey

13:00 - Big Brother and how Adam got in it

18:00 - How Adam got started with microdosing and Microcybin

31:30 - The future of microdosing, psilocybin and LSD

40:00 - The stigma on microdosing, plant medicine and mushrooms 

53:00 - Our favorite Microcybin products

55:00 - The long-term effects of microdosing

01:01:00 - Custom protocols and why they matter 




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