How To Travel Like A Biohacker: Supplements, Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep Hacks, Grounding, Working Online, Nature Remedies, Daniel and Jeremy Zetouny

Daniel and Jeremy Zetouny are the brains behind Nature Remedies, an online wellness solution that combines high-quality content with innovative technology through a one-stop-shop for clients to have video consultations with leading consultants in the health and wellness field. Daniel and Jeremy are avid travellers and biohackers, with Daniel coming from a natural health background and Jeremy coming from the business field. 

In this episode, we dive into travel health, including what to eat, which supplements are best and how to maintain an easy fitness routine while on the road. Daniel and Jeremy explain their tips and tricks, as well as their biggest struggles with creating a healthy lifestyle while travelling the world and working online.  We also discuss their marketplace platform, which is aiming to provide online health support, especially for travellers who have less access to healthcare professionals in their location.

We also talk about: 

  • Fasting while flying
  • Grounding to reduce jet lag
  • Best stretches to do on the plane
  • Sleep and travel hacks


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