Biohacking Emotion: 85% of Disease Has an Emotional Component to it, Consciousness Hacking, Easy Breathing Techniques, EFT, Janelle Christa

Janelle Christa is an American Actress, model and creator of “Consciousness Hacks”, a new and systematic approach to healing consciousness through connecting the mind, spirit and body. We jump into controlling your level of responsiveness, mind-hacking and becoming fluent in the language of emotions. We discuss the role emotions play with disease, specifically in the gut, and how to optimally heal through them.

Janelle provides easy and practical tips for healing internally through techniques and tools like breathing, meditation, journalling, sound therapy and dancing. We also chat about yawning, which can be used as an ultimate full-body nervous system hack since it releases tension and built-up emotions. 


We also talk about:

  • What is Consciousness Hacking?
  • Working through anger
  • The benefits of journaling
  • Breathing deep into your belly
  • Tapping specific body points for stress management 




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