Mastering Brain Health, Senolytics, and the Gut-Brain Connection with Neurohacker Collective

I embark on a fascinating journey into the realm of brain health, the wonders of senolytic supplements, and the intricate link between gut health and brain well-being. I’m joined by Dr. Nick Bitz, a distinguished member of the Neurohacker Collective team.

The inception of Neurohacker Collective dates back to 2015, driven by an unwavering mission to craft unrivaled well-being solutions.

Their approach to research and development is nothing short of groundbreaking, firmly rooted in the principles of complex systems science.

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We talk about: 

12:40 - Supporting the body's self-regulation

21:10 - Factors contributing to nutrient deficiency and gut bacteria imbalance

23:00 - Running studies to make strong claims about product efficacy

25:50 - Contrasting regulation differences between skincare and dietary supplements

27:40 - Appreciating the alternative approaches in the biohacking world

30:10 - Short-term detox-like regimen for eliminating senescent cells

32:40 - Benefits of senolytic regimen for skin and overall health

37:20 - Autointoxication and its impact on the body

40:10 - Gut-brain axis and the power of psychobiotics

41:30 - Symbiotic: foundational product for gut health


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