Second Trimester Biohacks: Pelvic Floor Support, Ideal Workouts, Blood Pressure Levels and EMF Protection for Optimal Pregnancy

Navigating the second trimester? From pelvic floor techniques to energy-boosting workouts, I share my personal second trimester experience and expert advice for a healthier, happier pregnancy.

I also shared insights on hydration, monitoring blood pressure, using pelvic floor wands to alleviate tension, and highlighting essential products for EMF protection during pregnancy.

I talk about: 

08:20 - Second trimester energy: lifting weights, pelvic pilates, swimming

11:00 - The importance of monitoring blood pressure during pregnancy 

15:00 - How to look for and why you should join exercise classes for pregnant women

17:00 - Why I started swimming in my second trimester

19:30 - Pelvic floor physiotherapy and its benefits

23:00 - How to use the pelvic floor wand to relax your pelvic floor and the lubricant you should use

33:00 - Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) facial during your second trimester

36:00 - Reducing EMF exposure during pregnancy and using Juunaday (code: BRITTANY) and Leela Quantum Tech (code: BIOHACKINGBRITTANY)

42:30 - Importance of hydration during your second trimester and using electrolytes - LMNT

Questions answered in this episode: 

  • Why is monitoring your blood pressure important during pregnancy?
  • How do energy levels change in the second trimester and what exercises are suitable?
  • Why is swimming recommended as an exercise during pregnancy?
  • What measures can pregnant women take to reduce EMF exposure?
  • What are the benefits of pelvic floor physiotherapy during pregnancy?
  • How should a pelvic floor wand be used for muscle relaxation during pregnancy?
  • What are the precautions and considerations for using a PRP facial during pregnancy?
  • What are ways to make sure you stay hydrated during pregnancy?


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