Revolutionize Your Gut Health: Conquer Symptoms, Nighttime Rituals, Detox Hacks, and Family Wellness Secrets

Taylor Knese, a functional health consultant with 13 years experience in traditional healthcare, shares her powerful story of overcoming systemic symptoms through gut health. 

We talk about the importance of a solid nighttime routine, proper hydration, and nutrition.

Plus, we discuss practical tips for detoxing your home, and improving your family's gut health through simple, everyday changes. 

We talk about: 

14:00 - How Taylor’s passion for gut health started

19:30 - Common gut health symptoms that Taylor sees in her clients

21:30 - How food sensitivities may spell gut health issues

26:00 - Healing your gut lining when you have gut health problems

32:00 - Differences in the causes of gut health problems in men and women

39:00 - Practical strategies for busy women to support their gut health

45:00 - Choosing non-toxic products for your gut health

47:00 - Debunking misconceptions about gut health

56:00 - Having the resolve to live a healthy lifestyle despite the challenges

1:00:00 - How a mom’s fitness affects their kids’ fitness

1:04:00 - Ensuring your kids have healthy guts

Questions answered in this episode: 

  • What is the relationship between gut health and overall health issues?
  • What are the early signs of gut health issues?
  • How can healing the gut lining help with food sensitivities?
  • Why is playing outside beneficial for children's microbiome?
  • Why is a strong 'why' essential for pursuing a healthier lifestyle?
  • What are "colon brooms" and how can they impact the digestive system?
  • What practical and time-efficient strategies can busy women use to support gut health?
  • How can replacing toxic products with healthier alternatives help in a healthier lifestyle?
  • What are some common misconceptions about food sensitivities and parasite cleanses?


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