Beyond 100: Unraveling the Mysteries of Ageless Vitality, Busting Aging Myths, and the Unexpected Edge of ESS60

I had the pleasure of discussing the secrets to vibrant aging and living well beyond the century mark with industry trailblazer, Chris Burres - co-owner of SES Research Inc. 

We explored the impact of the "age defiant" ESS60 molecule on longevity, and even discussed its benefits for pets.

We also debunked the myths on aging, unwrapped powerful mindset shifts necessary for a thriving life at any age, and discussed how to maximize your years with wisdom from the forefront of longevity research.

We talk about: 

02:30 - Join the Baby Steps waitlist: Message me on Instagram

11:00 - The growing interest in longevity and improving healthspan

15:00 - The speakers and topics discussed in the Uncovering the Secrets to Longevity Summit

19:00 - Living longer and still having a healthy body and mind

26:00 - Growing medical research on the complexities of longevity

31:00 - Disrupting the mindset about aging

38:00 - Navigating conversations about maintaining health while aging

41:00 - About Chris’ book: Live Longer and Better and the benefits of ESS60

50:00 - The importance of your mindset and moving more as you age

58:00 - SRTT (Subconscious Rapid Transformation Technique) and how it can help reframe your mindset

Questions answered in this episode:

  • What impact would the extension of lifespan to 100-120 years have on society and our concepts of aging and retirement?
  • How can the aggressive pursuit of comfort in aging have a negative impact on our health?
  • What lessons can be learned from "blue zones" about living longer and healthier lives?
  • How should we shift our assumption about the decline in the last third of our lives?
  • What is the ESS 60 molecule and what are its benefits?
  • What are the key factors for health according to longevity experts?
  • Why is mindset considered crucial in achieving better health?
  • How can affirmations be effectively used to make positive changes in one's life?
  • Why is it important to keep elderly parents active and close to family rather than in nursing homes?


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