The Enneagram: Surprising Secrets to Life and Health Transformation with Tracy O'Malley

Join me as I welcome Tracy O'Malley, a seasoned Enneagram specialist. 

Tracy's extensive expertise and insightful life lessons have established her as a luminary in the realm of self-awareness. 

Together, we explore the intricacies of Enneagram types, delving into how discerning our intrinsic motivations and fears can propel us towards a life of flourishing, not just existing. 

Tune in for an insightful discussion on the dynamics of masculine and feminine energies and the transformative role of the Enneagram in fostering self-growth and emotional intelligence.

I talk about: 

15:40 - What the Enneagram is and what’s in it for you

20:15 - The impact of Enneagram types on personal expression

22:10 - Enneagrams types and how you show up in your career

27:25 - The power of self-awareness and not taking things personally

32:35 - Practicing self-awareness and listening to your body

37:20 - The interplay of emotions and strategy in business

40:25 - Finding harmony and compassion for personal growth

48:10 - Using the Enneagram to heal trauma

50:55 - Embracing the full scope of emotional experience for healing

56:00 - The Enneagram as a tool for understanding and growth

Questions answered in this episode:

  • What is the Enneagram and how does it aim to help individuals thrive based on core motives and fears?
  • How can understanding your Enneagram type benefit your personal and professional life?
  • Why are online assessments of Enneagram types often inaccurate, and how can individuals understand and leverage their Enneagram type more effectively?
  • How can individuals apply the Enneagram to businesses and entrepreneurship to understand how individuals show up in their roles?
  • What impact can knowledge of Enneagram have on reducing conflict, enhancing productivity, and retaining employees in the workplace?
  • How can the Enneagram be used as a tool for understanding and healing from trauma, and how do different Enneagram types influence the response to trauma and the grieving process?
  • What are some common misconceptions about the Enneagram, and how can individuals apply Enneagram principles to daily life and routines beyond their core type?


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