Common Mental Health Struggles, Reproductive Health Issues and Chronic Diseases Women Face Today and How to Prevent Them

Today I talk about three common health issues that women face. Listen to uncover more about women’s mental health issues, reproductive issues, and chronic diseases, and also the resources, treatments and biohacks I recommend for each of them.

I dive into anxiety, depression, eating disorders, menstural problems, infertility, sexually transmitted infections, diabetes, cancer and heart disease. 

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I talk about: 

02:50 - Three health issues that women face today

05:00 - Women’s mental health sturggles

07:00 - Common causes and symptoms

10:00 - Recommendations to improve mental health

12:00 - Biohacks to improve mental health

17:00 - Mental health resources - apps and supplements

22:00 - Women’s reproductive health struggles

25:00 - Prevention, treatment, and biohacks

28:00 - Resources for women’s reproductive health

29:00 - Prenatal supplements

30:30 - Women’s chronic diseases - heart disease, diabetes, and cancer

34:00 - Prevention and treatment of women’s chronic diseases

36:30 - Biohacks for chronic diseases

43:30 - Resources for treatment and prevention of chronic diseases


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