My Top 16 Game-Changing Gifts for Biohackers, Wellness Lovers, and Optimal Health Enthusiasts This Holiday Season

Welcome to a special episode where I unveil my exclusive holiday gift guide, tailored for biohackers, wellness fanatics, and health enthusiasts. 

In this holiday gift guide, I'll be breaking down each product, revealing who it's perfect for, and sharing compelling reasons why they're a must-have for you or as thoughtful gifts for your health-conscious loved ones. 

We talk about: 

03:50 - Juunaday: Code BRITTANY

07:50 - Silverbiotics: Code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY

13:05 - Filter Optix: Code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY


34:00 - InsideTracker: Code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY


42:50 - Viome: Code BIOBRITTTANY

47:20 - The Healing Web poster: Discount through link

54:50 -Eight Sleep: Code BRITTANY

59:40 - Leiamoon: Code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY

1:03:30 - Ice Barrel: Code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY

1:06:30 - BiOptimizers: Code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY

1:09:30 - Needed:  Code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY

1:12:00 - Fatty15: Discount through link

1:14:30 - Mimio: Code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY

1:17:35 - Timeline Nutrition: Code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY

Questions answered in this episode:

  • How do the Ice Barrel and 8 Sleep technologies impact sleep and recovery, and what are their potential benefits for biohackers and health enthusiasts?
  • In what ways do SilverBiotics products offer unique solutions for pet care, first aid, and general health, and how do they utilize nanotechnology?
  • How does the Viome gut health test provide insights into gut bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses, and why is it recommended for individuals with gut health issues?
  • What are the benefits of using InsideTracker for comprehensive blood biomarker testing, and how can the results inform decisions about health and wellness?
  • What are the potential benefits of Fatty15 as an essential fatty acid supplement for inflammation and hormonal imbalances, and how does it compare to traditional omega-3 supplements?
  • What sets Needed apart as a recommended option for prenatal supplementation and how does the sourcing of their products contribute to their effectiveness?
  • How does The Healing Web graphic provide holistic and western medicine approaches to health conditions, and who might benefit from utilizing this resource?
  • In what ways does OneSkin's skincare approach target the cellular level of the skin, and what makes their products effective and reasonably affordable for various skin concerns?
  • How do the advanced supplement companies Mimio and TimeLine Nutrition cater to individuals interested in longevity, cellular health, and antiaging, and what unique products and benefits do they offer?


  • Enhance your healthspan and boost your everyday cellular function with Mimio daily cell care. Use BIOHACKINGBRITTANY at checkout to save. 
  • Visit InsideTracker to get your vitamins, hormones, and minerals tested, and enter code BIOHACKINGBRITTANY to get 20% off all plans!


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