Biohacking Skincare: Using NAD+ On Your Skin, Cutting-Edge Liposomal Formulations and Other New, Potent Ingredients

Isabel Greiner, the cofounder and CEO of the innovative skincare company Intuisse, discusses her passion for biohacking, functional medicine, and longevity science, which led to the development of a groundbreaking liposomal formulation of NAD+ for skincare. 

Learn about the science behind liposomal technology and its role in delivering NAD+ directly into skin cells. 

We also discuss the role of NAD+ in combating aging and UV damage, and offer practical tips for building a personalized skincare routine rooted in molecular biology and natural ingredients.

We talk about: 

0:13:30 - Aligning with longevity science and biohacking principles

0:16:10 - Making NAD+ more accessible through skincare instead of IV drips

0:30:15 - Transparency on skincare products

0:32:30 - The Importance of using a fridge for storage

0:39:55 - Delicate skin and sensitive reactions

0:41:20 - Starting with one product and building up for sensitive skin

0:46:00 - Overwhelm and confusion in the skincare industry and routines

0:50:00 - Vegan ingredients and retinol alternatives during pregnancy

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • What is the concept of liposomal technology and how does it stabilize the NAD+ molecule?
  • How should skincare products be stored and what is their shelf life?
  • Are skincare products containing NAD+ safe for pregnancy and postpartum?
  • What is the role of NAD+ in energy production and skin cell efficiency?
  • What are the immediate and long-term effects of the skincare products, particularly for combating dark circles and thinning skin?
  • How can individuals with sensitive skin approach using skincare products and build their routine to avoid adverse reactions?


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