98. Why 85% Of People Don’t Feel Healthy with Faraaz Jamal of Mikra

Faraaz Jamal, the CEO of Mikra, joins me as we talk about using cutting-edge supplements to increase healthspan.


CELLF, the first product by Mikra, is a novel cellular therapeutic compound that targets consumers who are beginning to notice their biological age is affecting their everyday performance.


We talk about preventative medicine, increasing your healthspan versus lifespan, longevity, and much more.


We talk about: 

11:00 - Faraaz’s journey in developing Mikra

16:00 - Getting toxins out of your body and chemo-brain

18:00 - Preventative medicine

20:30 - Defining healthspan vs. lifespan vs. longevity

25:00 - Our health is degrading over time

28:00 - Feeling your best no matter what your age

30:00 - The ingredients in Mikra and their benefits

34:00 - What supplements and nutraceuticals work and what don’t

37:00 - Role of supplements in our healthspan vs. diet and lifestyle practices

39:00 - Typical benefits you get when you take CellF supplements

44:00 - Prioritizing function over form in supplements



You can find CellF and Faraaz Jamal on Mikra


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