79. EMF Is Not the Problem, so What Is? Beth Sturdivant Explains


Are you concerned about EMF radiation and 5G? In this episode, we chat about how to protect ourselves from this radiation and uncover what may be the root cause behind this sensitivity with Beth Sturdivant.


Beth is the author of “Backyard Secret Exposed: A Journal Of My Healing Path Back To Life”.


She helps others overcome what she also has: environmental sensitivities.


Having consulted with many doctors and individuals, she created an online business to offer clean and organic products that helped her live much more peacefully in this environment today.


We talk about:

  • 04:00 - Staying healthy in the holidays
  • 16:00 - We are in a health crisis
  • 18:10 - The EMF symptoms Beth felt
  • 27:10 - Getting poisoned with Sahara
  • 31:00 - What Beth does now to protect herself from EMF
  • 35:40 - How Beth teaches her kids about EMF and 5G
  • 38:10 - It’s not the EMF that is the true problem
  • 39:30 - Living in an electromagnetic world as the average person
  • 43:00 - Going back to basics




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