Optimizing Fertility: Six Easy Biohacks That Worked for My Preconception Health

In this episode, I give an update on how I have been healing my hormones and fertility, including very long menstrual cycles and daily pain in my ovaries.

I talk about the benefits of castor oil packs and red light therapy for reproductive health, the importance of following a nutrient-dense Paleo diet, acupuncture, myo-inositol, and spermidine supplements for female reproductive health. 

Tune in to learn more and don’t forget to take notes!

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We talk about:

03:20 - Dealing with very long menstrual cycles 

05:15 - The improvement in my cycle

10:00 - How to make the healthiest baby possible

12:30 - Castor oil packs and their benefits

14:00 - How to do castor oil packs

17:00 - Red light therapy for your ovaries and reproductive health

20:00 - Red light therapy for mitochondria

27:15 - Acupuncture and its benefits for female fertility

32:00 - Optimizing nutrition 100% of the time

35:00 - The Paleo diet and reproductive health

44:00 - Myo-inositol supplement benefits

46:00 - Spermidine supplement and how it can benefit fertility


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