90. The Biohacks and Wellness Products I’m Using Right Now


I talk about some of the newest biohacking gear, supplements, tools and practices I’m into right now.

I also talk about moving away from hustle culture and moving into effective stress management practices for optimal health and productivity.  


I talk about: 

04:00 - Bristle - an at-home test that looks at the bacteria in your mouth
07:00 - Apollo - touch therapy for your nervous system
09:00 - Moment Mushrooms - psilocybin microdosing
18:40 - HigherDose - my sauna blanket
21:00 - HigherDose - red-light therapy facemask
22:30 - The Shungite Shop - my shungite pyramid
26:00 - Continuing with my Peloton
33:00 - Creating a culture of being grounded in yourself and being successful at the same time
37:00 - The best basic biohacks you should try first


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