73. Is Collagen the Missing Macronutrient? Charlie Bailes Explains.



Today we talk about all things collagen with Charlie Bailes. We talk about the different types of collagen and how they can help you in different ways.


Charlie Bailes is the CEO & founder of CB Supplements, a company specializing in helping people thrive with multi-collagen protein products.


Charlie talks about how collagen can help people solve various health issues, from joint recovery and productivity to sleeping better at night.


We talk about:

  • 00:30 - My new Peloton and my initial impression
  • 03:30 - I bought raw goat milk!
  • 07:00 - The difference between Costco organic eggs and REAL pastured eggs from a local farm
  • 15:20 - How did Charlie Bailes get into collagen?
  • 21:20 - What type of diet and nutrition plan does Charlie and his family follow right now?
  • 23:40 - What is collagen and what are the benefits?
  • 35:00 - Does Charlie consume protein powder other than collagen powder? What’s the difference between protein powders and collagen?
  • 42:00 - All the different types of collagen
  • 50:00 - Collagen from plant sources




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