Which Foods to Avoid and Favor: Coffee, Tea, Alcohol, Fruit, Nuts, Seeds, Oils, Legumes, Fungi and Vegetables (Optimizing Nutrition Part 2)

In part two of my nutrition series, I delve deeper into the essentials of a balanced diet—highlighting fruits, vegetables, berries, essential fats, nuts, seeds, legumes, and the mystical realm of fungi.

Focused on the benefits of choosing high-quality, organic options, I share practical advice on which ones to favor and which to avoid. 

I also discuss alcohol consumption, emphasizing moderation and conscious decision-making for a healthier lifestyle.

We talk about: 

05:00 - Vegetables, fruits, and berries

09:30 - Clean 15 list, Dirty dozen, and choosing fruits

19:00 - Benefits of berries

24:00 - Vegetables: Which ones are the healthiest?

29:00 - Oils: The best and worst for cooking

37:00 - Vegetable oils and inflammation

38:00 - Nutrient-dense power of nuts

43:00 - Optimal seeds and legumes for health benefits

47:00 - Fungi: Medicinal uses and varieties

51:00 - Coffee consumption and its effects

57:00 - Teas and their benefits

1:02:00 - Alcohol consumption

Questions answered in this podcast:

  • How should you select fruits and vegetables?
  • What are the benefits of consuming organic olive oil and fish oil?
  • Why is it important to choose specific types of nuts and seeds?
  • What are the considerations when consuming legumes, especially soybeans and tofu?
  • What are the health benefits of mushrooms and fungi?
  • Why are berries considered an important part of the daily diet?
  • What should you know about coffee consumption and its associated risks?
  • How does alcohol consumption affect your health?


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